Become a Street Captain

Street Captains are the backbone of a successful association. They act as the Association’s liaison for their immediate neighbors.

Street Captain Responsibilities

  • Welcomes new neighbors on assigned streets and encourages participation in the Association.
  • Ensures all neighbors receive Association communications.
  • Serves as one point of communication with regard to town services.
  • Provides the Secretary with updates to the Association Membership List.
  • Attends general Association meetings.
  • Reports to the Vice-President any street information needing attention by the Association.
  • Encourages social activities for your assigned area.
  • Identifies a willing and qualified successor to succeed.


Below is a current list of street captain volunteers for Eagle Heights. To protect privacy, we have not included contact information or addresses in the list below. Once the list is updated, residents on individual streets will receive information for their street captain(s).

We need your help! Contact the association leadership ( to sign up or learn more.

Eagle Heights Street Captains

Street Captain Name
Belmeade Road Co-Captain 1
Biltmore Road Co-Captain 1 Rob DiCarlo
Circle Court Co-Captain 1 Sandy & Bill Thorp
Cooper Road (eastside, between Titus and Dake Avenue) Co-Captain 1
Dake Avenue Co-Captain 1 Phoebe & Tom Robinson
Co-Captain 2 John & Dianne Hanna
Dover Road Co-Captain 1 Helen Perkins
Eastgate Drive Co-Captain 1 Chrisanne Mansfield
Fairlawn Drive Co-Captain 1
Gardham Road Co-Captain 1 Helen Perkins
(WICSD to Dake)
Hedgegarth Drive Co-Captain 1 Gloria Bates
(Gardham to Belmeade)
Co-Captain 2 Janet Roy
(Cooper to Gardham)
Hoover Road Co-Captain 1 Joan Gardner
Imperial Circle Co-Captain 1 Lou DiGregorio
Imperial Heights Co-Captain 1 Lou DiGregorio
List Avenue (between Wyndale Road and Dake Avenue) Co-Captain 1 Chris Myers
Montclair Drive Co-Captain 1 Helen Perkins
Oakcrest Drive Co-Captain 1
Oakview Drive Co-Captain 1 Matt Metras (S)
Old North Hill Co-Captain 1  Virginia Nacy
Ridgelawn Drive (north) Co-Captain 1
Shadowlawn Court Co-Captain 1
Thornton Road Co-Captain 1 Patsy McBride
Co-Captain 2 Nita Tischendorf
Titus Avenue (northside, between Cooper Rd and the Town Hall) Co-Captain 1
Upland Drive Co-Captain 1
Westgate Drive Co-Captain 1 Chrisanne Mansfield
Wyndale Road Co-Captain 1 Christina Fiordeliso (Cooper to List)
Co-Captain 2 Joanne Brown